Abacore Capital Holdings 2020 Dividends

This article will be quite short since we don’t have much history to talk about in Abacore. The company is not known for dividends. Perhaps, the rally that started in June 2018, was partly due to this high dividend given less than a year later (See Figure 1). Let’s begin our dividend review of Abacore Capital Holdings for 2020!

Stock Code: ABA

ABA is a holding company who
has interests in the leasing of gaming equipment, gold and coal mining, real estate and financial services.  

It was originally incorporated on April 30, 1981 as Piedra Negra Mining Corporation, a coal mining company and listed in the stocks exchange on Oct 28, 1987.

ABA owns a controlling interest in companies engaged in financial services, real estate, gold mining, and coal mining. 

In 2019, they were noted to have a pretty high dividend yield, the highest recorded in PSE for that year. They gave 0.2 cents per share given in 2 tranches. First in February and second tranche in March with a total of 23.26% dividend yield. 

ABAcore weekly stock chart
Figure 1 AbaCore weekly stock chart

What’s Next?

They released their declaration of dividends last January 10, 2020. But this time, it was announced the dividend will only be 0.1 cent per share. Although it was cut in half, the yield is pegged at 11.63% at the current price of 0.86/share, which is still one of the highest in PSE. 

If we are going to look at figure 1, where the stock price has risen from 2 cents to 0.8+ per share, we might think that it’s too high and too risky. But if we look at the annual chart below, we will immediately see that the stock is still consolidating below 1 pesos for almost 2 decades.

AbaCore annual stock chart
Figure 2 AbaCore annual stock chart

The question now is, will this stock finally wake up from its long sleep? That ends our short dividend review of Abacore for 2020! Check out ABA’s dividend stats HERE

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If you are a trader or investor, whether you use technical or fundamental analysis, it is still important to know what dividends are and how it can help you grow your capital. There’s only two ways to earn from the stock market anyway, why not earn from both.

Watch and chill!

Video Includes Abacore $ABA, Shell Ph $SHLPH, Pryce Corp $PPC, and Cebu Landmasters $CLI
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